• Handmade Natural Soaps

  • 100% natural

  • small batch ~ eco friendly
  • pure ~ raw ~ organic

  • The Earth’s Cauldron

  • our roots are in the earth

Handmade Natural Soaps

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100% natural

small batch ~ eco friendly shop specialty soaps

pure ~ raw ~ organic

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The Earth’s Cauldron

our roots are in the earth About Our Products

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French Farmhouse Handmade Natural Household Soap

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Handmade Natural Shampoo Bars

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Hemp ~ Handmade Natural Soap on a Rope

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Natural really means natural!

We care!

what we do

We produce products and services that promote a Greener Life. We provide you with reliable information about the health, social, animal welfare and environmental attributes of our products. 

what we make

Our soaps are rugged and rustic ON PURPOSE.  All imperfections, drag marks from botanicals, rugged edges, etc. are celebrated, not discarded. You are getting real soap.  To wash with.  It’s GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN.  And you can feel good about using it on your skin.

what we don’t do

We have removed plastics, anything not re-usable or recycle-able or biodegradable, clear tape from packaging etc. and keep everything from production to shipping as natural, recycle-able and minimalistic as possible.  Although we are not perfect, this is our goal.

What our community is saying

I love the tea I ordered, and the soap makes my skin so soft and I smell amazing. I love it all. Thank you for such much for so many wonderful products. Great packaging and shipping.

Thank you Root Lady


Super fast shipping, beautiful packaging. Tea is Delicious!! I drink this every morning. Thank you for the samples!


Amazing! Absolutely love these soaps. They were carefully packaged in eco friendly materials accompanied by a hand written note AND they were shipped quickly! Highly recommend!