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Ayurveda Handmade Natural Shampoo Bar

Ayurveda Handmade Natural Shampoo Bar

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Ayurveda Handmade Natural Shampoo Bar

This ancient mixture for hair is probably my favorite of the Solid Shampoo Bars. Coconut benefits for hair include, conditioning and softening; stimulates hair growth; treats dry, unruly hair; adds shine and tames frizz. Soapnuts a/k/a Aritha impart shine and help fight hair loss. Amla contains Vitamin C, is said to help stop dandruff and makes the hair shiny. Lightly scented with Jasmine and has an added boost of hair nourishing Jojoba oil.

These Solid, all natural Handmade Natural Shampoo Bars will leave your hair soft and silky, while gently cleansing, and NO harsh chemicals, parabens or sulfates!

These solid shampoo bars have been specially formulated to work with most hair types. Trust me when I say, I was literally scared to try this many moons ago. I have thin, fly away, breaks if you breathe on it wrong hair that most shampoos leave flat, dull and lifeless. I quickly became a believer! My hair is soft and full of life now!

These solid shampoo bars are made with gentle oils including avocado, castor, olive, coconut & cocoa butter to help keep hair nourished.

It is very important that you use an apple cider vinegar rinse on your hair after washing.  This restores the PH balance of your hair and will leave it super soft and smooth.  I know the scent of vinegar is strong, but it does disappear when your hair dries.  Check my other Hair Care items for herbs to add to your apple cider vinegar rinse!

These Solid Shampoo bars lather nicely, but you’re not gonna get store bought shampoo lather. Lather doesn’t get you clean, the soap does. These bars are also French Milled to impart mildness and a very low PH balance.

To use, lather the soap up in your hands or my personal favorite me this is to lather in my hands then rub gently on my scalp. Rinse out and follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and hair oil on the ends if necessary.

We only use organic herbs and 100% pure Essential Oils, never fragrance oils and no artificial ingredients. All of our shampoo bars are palm oil free. All ingredients are obtained from sustainable sources and organic whenever possible.

Each Shampoo Bar weights approx. 3.75 to 4 oz. Earth friendly & biodegradable.

Although we have never had anyone have any type of allergic reaction or scalp and skin sensitivities to any of our handmade soaps or shampoo bars, it is always recommended that you test the soap on a small patch of scalp and/or skin before complete use. Everyone's scalp and skin is different.

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